An Approach to Betting Pro Football

By on Betting on Football

Few activities a gambler can undertake either at the tables or at the sportsbook are as difficult as successfully betting on pro football. The National Football League consists of just thirty-two teams and all of them are highly publicized and scrutinized, causing for few, if any, secrets.

Everyone seems to follow pro football and all of the cable sports channels feature shows and news about it, as do an infinite amount of websites and a lot of radio talk shows. The buzz about pro football doesn’t end with the conclusion of the Super Bowl, it continues through the draft, free agency, training camp, and then the season itself. If you gamble or follow sports, you know that pro football is a monster that you cannot avoid or ignore, even if you wanted too.The key to successfully betting pro football is to literally isolate and detach yourself from all of the hype and general information that the masses of asses get and use. The successful pro football bettor MUST “think outside the bun” and utilize unique approaches or methodology that the general public is oblivious too. The neon doesn’t burn brightly in Las Vegas because the general betting public is right more than it is wrong nor because “conventional wisdom,” (an oxymoron with the emphasis on MORON) is truly wise.The successful pro football bettor will often end up on the same side as the sportsbooks and casinos and on the other side of the general public, known as a “fade.” At first, it admittedly takes nerve to fade the masses of asses and stand against the hype. Pro football builds during the week and many times you will find yourself bombarded with hype about the pros and cons of certain plays/bets that literally grow and grow during the week until many bettors cannot see any possibility of a game going any other way than what the hype is touting. And then come Sunday these same people get BLINDSIDED!

The successful and prudent pro football bettor realizes that ANYTHING can and does happen week in and week out in pro football. It is every bit as critical to understand that because there is such an information overload on pro football, the oddsmakers know exactly what the general public is thinking and will have their pointspreads adjusted accordingly. Whatever the masses know, the linemaker knows even better and is also more prepared.

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