Bank Draft Online Casino Deposit Method

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Bank draftBank Drafts allow you to easily deposit money into your account and work similar to personal checking. Bank Drafts are an excellent alternative to personal checks, which are often rejected by some companies due to the high level of check fraud. Bank Drafts are secured at your local banking institution. After you’ve requested a Bank Draft it will then be mailed to the casino that you’ve selected as the recipient. Once the Bank Draft is received by the Casino funds are transferred from your bank account to the Casino’s bank account. Once the money is cleared and becomes available, it will be deposited into your account. The major draw-back to this process is that it can sometimes take days, especially if the Online Casino is located out of country.

Benifits of using Bank Draft
Bank Drafts are safer than checks. They offer the flexibility of a check, without the risks! It’s an uneasy feeling giving out your bank account number and personal information. With a Bank Draft you just need to go to your local bank and request one… none of your personal information is given out. You may also send the Bank Draft via registered mail which requires the person you are sending it to sign for it. With registered mail you can track the progress of the Bank Draft to know where and when it was delivered and received.

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