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betting-guideA betting guide is a useful place to start should you wish to place a bet. By careful analysis of the form, or perhaps because you like the colour of the silks, you have selected your horse. How and where do you place your bet? If you are at a race meeting it will not be too difficult, the most recognisable part of on-course gambling is the betting ring. Your betting guide will tell you that it is made up of two areas of bookmakers: the ‘boards’ and the ‘rails’. The boards are those bookmakers who stand solely in the Grandstand section of the racecourse. The rails bookmakers are also situated in the Grandstand but bet against the rails.

The betting guide will certainly mention the betting shop. The traditional Betting Shop is no longer the smoke-filled, murky world of legend. A change in regulations and attitudes means that they are generally cleaner, friendlier and more welcoming than in the past. They also now offer a wider range of gambling opportunities. Now besides horses and greyhounds, you can bet on sports, numbers games, virtual horses and dogs as well as fruit machines.

The betting guide will certainly have mentioned the growth in telephone and internet betting. Both avenues make it quick and easy to get your money on and allow punters to do it from the comfort of their own home. The betting guide shows all of the big high street bookmakers have telephone and internet operations but there are also dozens of independent firms who are competing for your business.

Bettors Help covers every aspect you will ever need as your betting guide. We provide alerts detailing the latest exclusive offers and bonuses, along with resources such as live odds comparison pages and reviews, all free of charge, live to your desktop.

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