Novelty Bets

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Novelty bets are a huge growth area for the online betting industry. It is no longer all about picking the winner of a football match or the first horse over the line. Novelty bets let the punter really express their opinion on a wide array of subjects.

Traditional novelty bets include Christmas-based bets, such as who will be number one in the charts at Christmas, or if it will snow on the day. There are always a huge number of sports betting novelty bets, especially for the big name clubs and players.novelty-bets

The 2008 Super Bowl saw an unprecedented number of novelty bets, with some American bookmakers putting out hundreds of special bets for the game. One of the more unusual being ‘Britney Spears to streak during the game’ at 200/1, quite generous odds if you ask us.

A new popular type of novelty bet lets the punter bet on which cliché will be used in the commentary of a particular event. For example, at the most recent Cheltenham Festival, there was a market run for which phrase would be said first, including things like ‘The wait is over’ at 6/1 and ‘It doesn’t get any bigger than this’ at 7/1.

Novelty bets have proved very successful at introducing new players to the gambling scene, whereby people may have knowledge of a person rather than a sport or team. Politics are also popular area for novelty bets. Our odds comparison service provides all the up-to-date odds on novelty bets and more!

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