Odds Comparison Sites Explained

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Odds comparison sites work for the punter, finding the best odds available on a particular market, and displaying them in a way that makes it clear which bookmaker is providing the best value odds. For this reason, the market has become much more open as gamblers pick up on the sites that offer the best value-for-money, rather than simply going by reputation. It is becoming far more common for punters to use two or three different bookmakers, rather than being limited to one price on an event.

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How does odds comparison work? A number of websites provide odds comparison from the leading licensed and reputable online bookmakers. Such odds comparison websites allow the punter to determine where the best odds are available for a particular match and whether any arbitrage, (or buying and selling the same negotiables) opportunities exist where value odds can be found at the odds comparison website, for each match outcome at different bookmakers. With an odds comparison site, arbitrage or sure bet opportunities arise more often due to the nature of the displayed odds.

Odds comparison does not just cover the traditional horse race betting, but almost all sports and specials. The list covered at most odds comparison sites include; American football, golf, basketball, tennis, baseball, British and European football, or even political events. These are but a few of the markets that can be bet on at an odds comparison site.

Betnet.Review provides an its own free odds comparison facility, keeping you right up to date with the latest changes in the market, enabling you to get the best possible price before you place your stake. Our odds comparison service uses live odds from all the major EU bookmakers to give you the best overview of the market. Downloading our software will also keep you right up to date with the latest bonuses and odds, which delivers all the important news right to your desktop, free of charge.

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