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All the experts tell us that the way to make a consistent profit from betting is to find value bets. But what really is a value bet? You make a value bet by backing a selection at better odds than the selections chances of winning. You have to find the best odds to make your value bet and you should visit an odds comparison site to find the best odds. Obviously the fact that a bet is a value bet is down to opinion, as in someones’ eyes the bet has far less value. Some bookmakers may also publicise some of their better value bets, in order to entice punters to using them more regularly.

By comparing odds defined by a numerical rating system to those of the bookmaker it can be determined whether we have identified a value bet. Where the bookmaker’s odds are superior to our odds, we have potentially gained an edge. In such a case the bookmaker has underestimated the probability of the result, and is offering higher than the mathematically calculated odds, you have a value bet. Why not make it a whole lot easier by getting someone to tell you about value bets? We are a specialist organization within the gaming industry that can take all the number crunching out of your value bets.

Our aim is to market to punters, in a sophisticated way, customised information as and when they want it. Users can compare live odds on their desktop in real time from around the world on all sports, as well as being alerted to the latest betting opportunities and special offers from all bookmakers. The technology for information on value bets is compatible with all Windows PCs and Macs on the market, and uses the same technology as and The number of web sessions generated by a user of desktop alerts is on average 3 to 5 times higher than on sites without such technology, as part of a permission based customised alert on the user’s computer.

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