Video Poker

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Video Poker is a very quick and simple online casino game which does not require too much concentration or ability. The only knowledge required is vague idea of poker hands. Video Poker is, in its simplest form, a quick, online version of draw poker. There are no opponents except the machine / computer which randomly generates cards. Due to the fact that there are no other players there is no bluffing required. Other than this it has lots of things in common with any other version of online poker. The same basic rules and poker hand rankings apply.

Gameplay begins with players choosing to play between 1 and 5 coins per hand. These are basically the same as the chips you would use in other poker variants. The more coins you bet the more you can win (and the more you can lose). All five coins would have to be played in order for a player to hit the jackpot amount.

Following the betting, the aim is to produce the best hand possible through discarding some and receiving others. The machine deals you a set of five random cards. You can then discard any number of these cards and have them replaced with the same amount of cards. In some versions of video poker this would be followed by another round of betting then another round of card swapping, allowing players another chance to better their hand.

Following this simple procedure, if it is a winning hand you will be paid. Most online casinos, to accompany the game, will show a Pay Table, which highlights the payout you will receive for each possible hand and for each amount of coins bet. The minimum hand required is normally a pair of jacks but all sites differ and all have different payout schemes. Many online casino sites also offer progressive jackpots for Royal Flush hands, although these are hard to come by.

As with all poker games, video poker has different variations, from Deuces Wild and Mega Poker to Joker Wild and Lucky Suit Poker. In all variations the game play is very similar, if not the same. The aspect that often changes is the winning cards. The basic poker hand rankings still apply but some may include jokers as wild cards or special payouts for certain suits. It is all dependant on the game and which casino site you are playing on. For information and / or reviews on the best online casino sites please visit our site reviews page.

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