Ranking & Review FAQ

What exactly is a Casino & Bookmaker ranking?
A Casino Ranking is merely a window to the quality of any given casino. With hundreds of online casinos on the web, it’s not easy to figure out which ones you can trust to play at and feel comfortable giving personal information to. A BetNet ranking will make your decisions A LOT easier by giving you a guide on the quality and trustworthiness of various online casinos. Not all casinos are created equal, so be sure to visit our Casino or Sportsbook Rankings page to determine which site will work best for you.

Who ranks the sites?
This is the true beauty of the BetNet ranking system. PLAYERS rank the casinos! That’s right, the people who actually play at the casinos are the ones providing the rankings. You will not find a biased “professional” review anywhere on this site. Instead you will find honest reviews and rankings from the people who have won (and lost) at the online casinos.

Can I trust the rankings?
Yes, you CAN trust the rankings! They’re provided by users just like yourself! Who better to rank and review Casinos than the people who actually visit them on a daily basis? BetNet is a user community, and everything we do is to try to help you have a safe, pleasant, and enjoyable online casino experience. Use the rankings as a guide, and read the reviews. Pay attention to what people have to say about the Casino… look at the individual categories and decide which casino best meets your needs.

What does each ranking category mean?
Bookmakers are ranked on several key categories, the whole of which make up the total ranking score. Please refer to the Ranking Review Guide for more information on the elements and their definition.

What does the value of rankings tell me?
The closer to 10 that the value of a ranking number is in a category, the higher the rating. For example, if a total score for Customer Support is a 4 at one casino and a 9 at another, you can just about be sure that the casino with a score of 9 has a better customer service department than the one with a 4. Keep in mind that the higher the ranking score, the more highly recommended the casino site is by other users!

There are a lot of casinos ranked… how do I know which is best?
The 10 Best sites are ranked in the Top 10 for a reason! These are the gambling sites that have consistently impressed the players and have earned the right to be ranked as the best. When looking for an online casino, we strongly suggest starting with one in the Top 10 List. Remember, the higher the ranking, the better your chances of having an overall positive gaming experience.

I found a Casino or Bookie that looks great! Now what?
So, you found a site you like? Great! You’ve obviously done your homework and used our Casino Ranking page to your benefit. Hey… that’s what we’re here for! If you’re ready to jump in and try your luck, just click on the casino’s name or image (can be found on the Casino Ranking Details page) and start your potential winnings today! Still not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge? Let BetNet warm up your cold feet. Read our Beginners Guide to Online Casinos to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to play safely. Check out our free online strategy guides too! Whether you’re new to online casino gambling or a seasoned veteran, the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

I read through the FAQ but couldn’t find an answer to my question.
So, you didn’t find an answer to your question in this FAQ? Please contact our staff with your question, and we will do our best to answer it. Perhaps we will even add it to FAQ page. Remember, this site is here as a tool to enhance yours and others online gambling experiences. We appreciate your efforts in helping us grow!

Gambling Sites Rankings Guide

Looking for more information on how the Rankings work? Please refer to the Casino Ranking Guide below. It contains details on each ranking category to help you understand what each ranking section means.

Ranking Categories Defined

Bonuses are the perks that a casino will give to entice potential players to their site or keep you coming back for more. Rank the quality of the bonuses the casino had to offer.

Ease of Banking
Ease of Banking refers to the ease at which you were able to make initial deposits into this casino. Ease of Banking also refers to the payment options that the casino accepts (such as FirePay, Credit Card, etc). Your ranking value should take both of these aspects into account.

Ease of Cashing Out
Ease of Cashing Out refers to how easy it is to withdraw, or cash-out, your winnings. Your score should reflect the efficiency in which your received your money as well as the available cash-out options presented.

Winning Odds
Winning Odds refers to the number of times you’ve gambled to the number of times you’ve one. Some Casinos payout more often than others. This rating should be based off your rate of winning per x number of wages or bets. The more often you won, the better the score should be.

Graphics and UI
Graphics and UI (User Interface) refers to the visuals, layout, and overall presentation of the website. You want to rate this category on how much the overall “feel” of the site wowed you or put you right into the middle of the Casino action.

Navigation refers to the ease in which you were able to navigate to various games and account screens. A well structured site will have navigation that allows you to easily jump from one game to the next without much guess work or random button clicking on your part.

Customer Support
Customer Support addresses the level of support you’ve received during your casino visit. Did you have a question that was promptly answered, or did it go completely ignored? Was the customer service representative friendly and knowledgeable? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself when ranking this category.

Overall Review
Although it is not required, we highly recommend you enter a review for the casino you are ranking. Your additional feedback serves as an invaluable tool for other potential gamers. If there was something in particular about a casino that you disliked or thought was great, please add it to a review. Remember, your experience will help other users to determine if they should play at or avoid that casino site. This is your community, and we encourage you to share your opinions with other Bettors Help patrons.