Pinnacle Sports’ quick-moving low juice lines are a favorite with online gamblers who know the value of line shopping.

Online gamblers placing their sport bets with Pinnacle Sports know they can find reduced juice at the online betting industry’s highest wagering limits. Pinnacle Sports line are so sharp that they became the first online bookmaker to move odds by pennies (odds changes equating to a fraction of what it would take to move the spread a half point). And I found that every year, they are able to reduce its margins even farther on NFL spreads.

Pinnacle Sports Sportsbook First Impression

Pinnacle sportsbook no-nonsense approach to bookmaking more closely resembles a stock-trading website than a traditional online sportsbook. Pinnacle website and betting screens are as sophisticated as its bookmaking style. A couple sports cool and unique online betting features is a proprietary spread drop down option that allows online bettors to buy and sell points, and an account history option that is the best out there. Another super cool feature is that they offers dynamic lines, which lets online sports gamblers watch the odds moves live with color changes without the need to refresh the browser. Pinnacle support a myriad languages and currencies. Online sports gamblers can choose to use the Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, New Zealand Dollar, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollar, Thailand Baht, Taiwan Dollar.

The process of signing up and creating an account is relatively painless. Online sports bettors simply click the ‘Join’ button on the website, sign up and are emailed an account ID they can use. A minimum deposit of $50 is required to create an account with the sportsbook, although the minimum wager is only $1. Once an user has logged in, viewing the day’s line is a simple two-click process of selecting a sport and proposition. Internet users also have the choice of placing bets by telephone, although the minimum wager when calling in is $100.

Funding one’s account is easy and online bettors are presented with equally broad options when making a withdrawal. The website accepts various forms of payment, including: Western Union (fees waved for deposits of $1,000+), Bank Wire, Cashier’s Check, Credit Card, NETeller, WebMoney and MoneyBookers. Pinnacle Help Section provides comprehensive information on each accepted payment method, including honest warnings and appraisals of each method. For example, they warn that due to stringent new return policies imposed by MasterCard, refunds on those credit cards can take several weeks to process, a fact that is overlooked or ignored by many other online wagering sites. A bonus of 10% is provided for all deposits of $250 or more.

Pinnacle Sports Wagering

The events, sports and leagues covered at Pinnacle are both broad and deep. Those offered include Football, Rugby, Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Racing and more. Each sports category contains various propositions and betting lines. For example, on certain days up to 300 football props alone can be offered.

Pinnacle Sports Sportsbook Customer Service

Pinnacle Sports’ customer service is handled almost exclusively by email, which may feel hands off, but Pinnacle Sport is in fact prompt and courteous. Pinnacle Sports policy of customer service by email allows Pinnacle Sports to keep their operating costs low, which allows them to offer more juice to online sports bettors. Pinnacle Sports’ customer service is known for their efficiency and has a reputation of online sports bettors going years without ever having to contact client support.

Pinnacle Sports Bottom Line

Overall, Pinnacle Sport is a great sportsbook for all online sports bettors looking for the best sports betting odds for both American and European sports.It is the undisputed best sportsbook for online sports bettors.

All betting lines and sports offered are broad and attractive enough to interest every level of online sports bettor. With comprehensive information available via the Pinnacle website and a dedicated approach to protecting the security and privacy of their online sports bettors, Pinnacle Sport is able to build long-term relationships with their bettors based on trust and honesty.

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